Let’s see how long does it takes me to jog 3 miles long today find it out on my blog.

That was a simple 3-mile run that hardly went by quick enough. Though the heat was not to my liking, it was manageable. With the heat stuck around it looked like it was still a little early to go out and jog, so instead I decided to do my 3 miles. I opted for the overcast weather, and the late afternoon overcast and the sunny mix was my luck. The sky was practically black when I left the apartment.

This early in the afternoon it still wasn’t super humid, but it was warm and muggy. I could feel the heat rising in the air as I jogged on the wooden pathway by the lake. I hadn’t even started running and already 3 miles went by. I felt good going through the first mile, but there were many times throughout the run that I felt like I was going to have to walk up the entire route and finish it in about an hour.

Jogging on concrete is different than running on the pavement of a trail or street. It’s much tougher to get out of the cool air by jogging, especially when it’s late in the afternoon. It just seemed to be more of a struggle than I expected. When I jogged that first mile it took me almost 25 minutes to do it. After a few of those walks, I started jogging the full 3 miles instead of walking. At times during my 3-mile run, I even considered walking to do the last 1/3 mile, but I really wanted to see how well I could do my 3 miles. I decided to keep jogging and finish it, and it was a total confidence booster to see that I was still jogging at the end of the 3 miles.

I probably could have just done that, but at least I had that little mental boost from completing the full 3 miles. I was jogging even harder now with a goal to finish that last mile in a better time. I ended my run a little over 3.5 hours after I had started. I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t finish in 3 hours, but it was just a bit tough getting through that last mile. The end result was amazing. I was jogging for 3 miles, doing it easily. I felt like it was much easier than running for a whole hour.